Okay, I suppose it’s not like I pulled a Bernie Madoff with a billion of other people’s dollars or “found” a crate of election ballots in the trunk of my car, but I got a bit lax with my diet for most of last week. Instead of the steady decline in my weight that I’d seen ever since starting the Xocai diet, I went from 246 to 250.


Where I got myself into trouble was by not sticking to my plan. Ideally, I decide the night before which meals are going to be shakes and which ones will be my regular, yet sensible, meal. I got lazy though, and just treated myself to cereal or eggs for breakfast, then just decided at lunch time that I’d make it a one-shake day and eat a small lunch – which got bigger and bigger as I ate by myself in the kitchen. Then, naturally, once I put the effort into cooking dinner for the family, it seemed like a shame to drink a shake while everyone else enjoyed the fruits of my culinary labor. There were several days where I didn’t drink a shake at all. Add into that trips to Chili’s and Outback and the diet took a real beating.

Fortunately, I’ve learned that one of the most important things about dieting is when you go off the reservation, it doesn’t do any good to just throw up your hands and give up. So starting Saturday, I dusted myself off and got back with the program. I was amazed all over at how easy the plan using the Xocai meal replacement shakes really is. For me, the only real hurdle is to get past that first craving for greasy/fatty foods and drink a shake instead. They’re delicious and amazingly filling, and I don’t even think about eating for hours afterward. As a result, I dropped from 250 on Saturday to 245 this morning.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson from this little experience, and that’s that I need to stay vigilant. Losing weight with Xocai isn’t at all difficult as long as I plan ahead and stick to the plan.