Hi everyone and welcome to Mark & Becky’s Xollent Chocolate blog.

I’ve decided to spread the word that I’ve begun yet another attempt to lose the excess weight that’s been creeping up on me for the last 20 years. I’ve gone on so many diets over the years that my first impulse is to not tell anyone, knowing that out of politeness and sincere wishes for my success, they’ll all say “Hey, that’s great!”, but be thinking to themselves “Gee, haven’t we heard THAT before?”

So why throw this out there now? Why not wait until my weight loss becomes so obvious that everyone asks me about it? Well, Xocai has just introduced a product and diet plan that have really worked for others – not just for losing weight, but for basic, profound improvements in their health and lives generally. I’m really excited about what it could do for me, so I’m going to be sharing my experiences with it from early on.

I started two weeks ago and I’m down six pounds, from 254 to 248. This doesn’t sound like a lot, especially in the early part of a new diet, but it’s a lot more than I was expecting. I’ll get into why that is next time.